On the Other Side of Fear

Do you have goals? Dreams? Aspirations? Are you achieving them? Or are you letting fear get in your way? What is fear?... It is paralyzing. It is debilitating. It is darkness. It is vast. It is your heart racing. It is isolation. It is self-doubt. It is overpowering. It is unspeakable. It is the unknown... …

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Building the New Me

So, I went back to my mom's house a few weekends ago. The house I grew up in. The house that will always be home. The place where all my childhood memories live. I went back to sift through all the old things in my old room, to clear it out since I am moving to Colorado. …

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Little by Little

I was staring at a map of the world earlier tonight...something I do quite often. Reading all the names of the countries and cities. Day dreaming of all the far off lands our planet has to offer. Just letting my wanderlust take over and envelop my heart and soul. It makes me realize just how …

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