About Me

Hello, I am Marissa, and I am in love with the world! I have a bad case of Wanderlust…or is it a good case? Either way I have it!

I currently live in Fort Collins, CO. I moved here after living in Missoula, MT for almost 11 years! I love new adventures!

I have an affinity for Jesus, taking photos, coffee, new adventures, traveling, sunsets, the ocean, minimalism, my cat Delilah, and good conversation with people I love.

I believe in empowering women to be okay on their own, to solo travel, and to make decisions based on their own hearts. I believe that the majority of people living in the world are innately good. And I most definitely believe in not just chasing your dreams, but running as fast as you can after them!

I hope you’ll join me in my adventures ahead!



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