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The Move: The Garden City to FoCo

The dust has settled a little bit, and I have enough brain power to write about my big adventure that has been such a long time coming!

A week ago, I moved from Missoula, MT to Fort Collins, CO. I was supposed to move last September, and due to circumstances I ended up not moving. Originally, I decided last May that I wanted to move. These last 9 months of waiting for my lease to be up were difficult. So many times I just wanted to pick up and peace out, but I waited!

I knew I wanted to move; I knew it was what I was supposed to do. However, the last few weeks in Missoula were tougher than I ever thought they would be.

It would have been 11 years of living in Missoula come August. I can’t even begin to tell you how many big life events have transpired in Missoula, or how much I have grown mentally and spiritually, or what amazing friends I have made. Eleven years of ups and downs, dark days and days of so much brilliant light, and days I wouldn’t change for the world. The last 10 years and 11 months in Missoula have been some of the worst, but also some of the very best!

How do I even sum up the last 11 years into a blog post?

… I have been through 4 serious boyfriends – a few of those I thought I would never recover from the breakup. I have many dear friends. I found my faith in Jesus. I survived, miraculously, a pretty intense car wreck on the interstate. I have learned more about myself than I can even put into words. I have fond memories of karaoke nights, an epic Alice in Wonderland themed party, friends getting married, coffee dates, the first and only time I floated the Clark Fork River, Glacier National Park, slumber parties, birthday parties, holidays with friends, Missoula sunsets, Flathead cherry picking, the farmers market, late night games of Cataan, and early mornings just to watch the sunrise…

The list could go on and on…

As much as I wanted a change of scenery I can’t deny that Missoula will always have a special place in my heart. It has been an integral part of shaping who I am today; I basically became an adult in Missoula. It’s where I have grown in ways I can’t even explain fully.

Like I said before, the last few weeks were the most rough. When you have to say goodbye (or rather see you later) to sweet friends who have going away parties for you, who have kids that call you Auntie Missy and who mean the world to you, who lay hands on you to pray for/over you, and who just down right love you, it’s incredibly hard. There were and still are so many things I want to say to each of my sweet friends, but I was unable to articulate it. You know who you are…just know that I love you all dearly and to the depths of heart. Maybe, someday, I can tell you all just how much you mean to me and how you have impacted my life so deeply.

Driving away from Missoula last Monday morning was so surreal and quite bittersweet. My car was loaded with just the essentials. (I am such a great packer – I could still see out the back window!). It is pretty humbling when all of your belongings fit in your car…plus your cat in the front seat!

Side Note: I love having all my belongings fit in my car! Minimalism at it’s finest!


I stopped at a turnout on the highway and took one last photo of Missoula…


As I got back into my car I started crying. Not just a few tears, but ugly crying. All the things I mentioned above came flooding into my mind and heart. I realized in that moment that I will miss Missoula, but mostly the dear friends I have made. I realized just how much each one them means to me. I realized I wouldn’t be back in a few days, as so often has been the case. I realized it would be some time before I was back in Missoula. I realized I was driving toward a new adventure, a new city, a new chapter.

And, as much as I’ll miss you all, I am truly excited for this new season of life in Fort Collins, CO.

I cannot believe that I am finally here. I have so many things to discover – not just in the city, but also within myself! There is so much more within me to discover and share…and this is only the beginning!

I love new beginnings.

I will leave you with this…

“Everything has changed and yet I am more me than I’ve ever been.” -Iain Thomas




6 thoughts on “The Move: The Garden City to FoCo”

  1. Yippeee Marissa. So proud of you and so excited to hear about your journey. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.


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