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For Real This Time…

In my post titled, Little by Little, I made a brief comment at the end about new adventures that were coming my way in 2017. The people who are the closest to me know that I was planning to move to Colorado last fall. And, because of circumstances and choices that I made I ended up staying here in Montana.

I was trying to keep this on the down low until it got closer to “go time.”


Since the opportunity to move to Colorado is still on the table I am taking advantage of it! I am so ready to move! I was ready the first time I decided to move six months ago! I am going to be living with my aunt, but she is building a new house. So, I can’t move until her house is ready and I have to wait until my lease is up.

So, come the end of June, I am out of here!

For real this time!!

(It feels like an eternity away!)

My future home. (Fort Collins)

I am moving on to new adventures, new people, a new state, a new city, a new frame of mind…and most definitely, a new me!

Moving to Colorado is the fresh start I have been wanting needing for so long!

It’s an incredible feeling knowing where you are supposed to be, and that new adventure is just around the corner!

Seaside, Oregon

I am done short-changing myself. I am done living paycheck to paycheck. I am done telling myself “I can’t.” I am done thinking I am not good enough to reach my goals. I am done not believing in myself. I am done thinking I don’t have enough money for “this” or for “that.” I am done not being who I am supposed to be. I am done not living life to its fullest potential. I am done only wishing and not doing. I am done complaining. I am done comparing myself to others. I am done not living my life with passion.

I am ready to be my true self. I am ready for new beginnings. I am ready to get my health back on track. I am ready to improve spiritually, mentally, and physically. I am ready to improve all the ally’s.  I am ready for actually living life not just surviving it. I am ready.

I am going to chase after the life I want and I am going to catch it! I am going to achieve my goals! I am going to make my dreams a reality! And I am not going to let anyone tell me I won’t make it or that I can’t! This feeling of being empowered, I am not going to lose it and I am not going to let anyone take it from me! I am not going to let fear or doubt get in my way anymore! I am going to barrel through it like it’s nothing!

Achieving my dreams is not going to be perfect. It’s not going to be easy. I can guarantee I will fail and there will be setbacks. But, my gosh, I am beyond willing to challenge myself. I am willing to sacrifice. I am willing to get back up. I am willing to push myself. I am willing to fight for it!

I am saying “YES” to my future!

I am unbecoming everything that isn’t really me so I can become who I was meant to be. 

The World is my oyster, and I am going to make one giant pearl out of it!!

Standing on the edge of the world. (Portland)

4 thoughts on “For Real This Time…”

  1. Yes to life my friend will open doors and bring many adventures. Wishing you much success and abundance! Sending you much love and light on your journey!!!

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